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 December Rune Power Totals

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PostSubject: December Rune Power Totals   December Rune Power Totals Icon_minitimeThu Jan 05, 2012 6:06 am

These are the final numbers for December. Once again, we fell a bit short of our expenditure, but used our surplus to make up the difference. We have many inactive members that I would like to replace, but since one player with 11 accounts left, I have been filling the empty slots instead of replacing the inactive members. We need to recruit more players, something I am always trying to do. It isn't easy, and you can see the new people we have added at the bottom of the list, but what you don't see is that I have been rejected three or four times for each member that I have added. We need to make more of an effort in this area to keep the clan strong.

December Rune Power Totals Nod1345
December Rune Power Totals Nod1346
December Rune Power Totals Nod1347
December Rune Power Totals Nod1348
December Rune Power Totals Nod1349
December Rune Power Totals Nod1351
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PostSubject: Re: December Rune Power Totals   December Rune Power Totals Icon_minitimeThu Jan 05, 2012 9:31 pm

And as you can see here, this was Deatharchers RP before she went into alt clan, so she actually has A LOT more then what was shown Smile and which also means she farms more RP then me and she hasnt even had that axe all month!! Shocked

December Rune Power Totals Dasdecemberrp
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December Rune Power Totals
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